Cruise-In at the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation

Smyrna, DE, May 21, 2022 – British Car Club of Delaware, Inc., conducted a successful Cruise-In at the *Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation, Smyrna, Delaware.  

We had a great turnout considering the heat – 95 plus degrees.  Almost “top back up” weather. Normally, an aspect of driving our Little British Cars is dropping the top.  Saturday was hot!    

As we began to arrive, we were greeted by Stephanie Wright, President & CEO, DASEF and Bob Bloom, DASEF Board Member and our Galaxy Garden tour guide. Bob directed us to a spot with shade that was wide enough to protect our 11 attendees from Saturday’s unusually hot sun.

 We all arrived within a few minutes.  Terry in his 1980 MGB followed by Brian and Joy in their Triumph TR6.  George and Jim followed within seconds in George’s 2007 XKR and Lew in his 1995 Jaguar XJS.  Alan and Fiona parked their 1967 Lotus Elan alongside Bob and Carol’s 1973 Jensen-Healey Roaster.  We were all delighted when Sharon arrived in her 1957 Triumph TR3, after several months foot rehab.

The Cruise-In served as an orientation for the members of the British Car Club of Delaware, Inc.’s for the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation and many the several educational programs offered from Dinosaurs to Space.  One of the better parts of the day was Bob’s tour of the Galaxy Garden explaining the scale nuances of our own Milky Way with all its “gems” positioning our place in the universe.  

Of course, in true British drive outing fashion, there was food!  An available excellent selection of food trucks all ready to serve hungry drivers and passengers.  Did you know Dixie’s Down-Home Cooking had Hush Puppies!  The day wouldn’t have been complete without a couple greatly welcomed ice cream trucks – even one with a suited-up astronaut serving the cold goodies. 

Thanks to DASEF for inviting us to their family day.  Somewhat of a departure for our club, but a welcome change. Thanks for those BCCD members who came out – in the heat – and to a person, all enjoyed the venue, the conversation, and the education about our universe.  

The Jag owners, so I’m told, enjoyed their car’s air conditioning on the way home.  I did open my side vents.  No relief… All returned home safely!!!

*DASEF is affiliated with the University of Delaware’s NASA Space Grant all available for Delawareans.  To learn more please visit their website