Our BCCD members, to a person, enjoyed learning about past airlift aviation history, checking out the historical WWII B-17 and C-47 aircraft up close and personal. We also admired the many dioramas and above all lingering past the portraits honoring our past military heroes up and down the reverend hall way. Getting to step on the C-5A Galaxy was the topper of the day. It’s rare to touch, let alone walk inside, an aircraft of historical significance that helped win the “Cold War” and one we can all admire flying in our Delaware skies – an aircraft we can really call our own. Our knowledgeable tour guides Chuck and Frank are without a doubt – first rate. We could have spent all day quizzing them and listening to their stories as they recalled their earlier days in the Air Force all the while our imaginations running wild as we gazed out over the flight line of the extraordinary planes.